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While even a small move can have an impact on the natural environment, there are still many ways to keep the process as environmentally-friendly as possible. Just the thought of moving conjures up images of discarded cardboard boxes, foam packing materials, and large trucks that are left to idle along the curb. Keeping things more organized to curb unnecessary waste, seeking out sustainable packing materials, and taking steps to minimize carbon emissions during transport are all efforts that have the potential to make a real difference.

Staying Organized During the Move

A hastily planned is far less likely to be an environmentally-friendly affair. Planning a move entails weighing different options or addressing multiple concerns that all require attention. Spending a little extra time and effort during the planning and preparation stage makes it much easier to find sustainable alternatives and eco-friendly solutions. Steps to stay organized often involve donating unwanted items, many of which can be reused or recycled, and planning a more efficient route, which also helps to curb fuel consumption. From renting moving equipment rather than making an additional purchase to finding sustainable meal options during the move, making organization a top priority has many potential benefits.

Donate items you don’t need so other people can reuse it.

Sustainable Packing Supplies

Discarded packing materials once the move is complete could be a bigger problem than many people might realize. Using recycled materials when possible, minimizing the need for fillers to fill boxes, and finding an environmentally-friendly alternative to styrofoam and other packaging materials, which may be challenging to recycle, can all be essential concerns. Donating unwanted possessions ahead of a move and taking care to pack as efficiently as possible to minimize the materials can go a long way towards ensuring your next relocation will be a more sustainable one.

Fuel and Transport Options

A growing number of individuals and households are interested in finding ways to minimize their carbon footprint. A moving truck can pump out a surprising amount of CO2 and other emissions during a move, and finding ways to limit the impact done to the environment can be a real concern. Effective options, alternatives, and solutions may include:

  • planning the most efficient route for transport
  • finding a moving company with trucks that run on biodiesel
  • shipping items with environmentally-sustainable service options
Take the shortest route to reduce carbon emissions.

Planning a Greener and More Sustainable Move

When it comes to protecting the environment, every effort counts. Sustainable moving solutions can help to address the problems caused by microplastics, help to combat climate change, and ensure that discarded packing materials are less likely to harm surrounding ecosystems and natural environments. From organizational efforts like donating unwanted items to finding the right packing materials and transport options, several ways of moving a household can happen more sustainably. Finding the best service options, alternatives, and other resources can make it much easier to plan an environmentally-friendly move.

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