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Signing a lease agreement when renting an apartment requires you, as the tenant, to maintain the property to receive your full security deposit once you choose to move out.

Abiding by your rental agreement and preparing your apartment for your move out date is essential to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to receive your deposit in full.

Review Your Lease

Before you begin renovating and cleaning your apartment, review your lease in its entirety. Verify that all appliances are in working order and that there are no outstanding issues that need to be addressed and require maintenance attention before moving.

The Basics of Preparing an Apartment for a Move

There are a few basic cleaning tasks that are necessary for each room throughout an apartment before handing over your keys. Some of the most important cleaning tasks to complete include:

  • Throw away and remove garbage along with personal items you no longer want or need
  • Dust ceiling fans, baseboards, window sills, and all surfaces.
  • Clean the windows throughout your apartment
  • Lights and lighting fixtures
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs and buildup from unused areas
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Fixes and Replacements

Before moving out of your apartment, it is important to leave the space in its original condition to maximize your chances of receiving your full security deposit back. If you notice some wear and tear but do not want to miss out on the opportunity of getting your deposit back, there are a few fixes that can be done to help.

Some of the most common repairs and replacements that help increase a tenants’ ability to receive their deposit include:

  • Burn holes and stains in carpets
  • Stains and spills on tile flooring
  • Replace or repair broken tiles
  • Eliminate pet stains and odors left from pets
  • Wash all of the walls in your apartment
  • Patch or fill any holes left from hanging photos, paintings, and home decor
  • Remove any hooks or mounts you have installed in your apartment before leaving

Other Areas of Your Apartment

While it is important to conduct a basic cleaning throughout your entire apartment, it is equally essential to take time in each individual room before you leave. Additional areas to clean and check on before moving out of your apartment include:

  • Wipe down your bathroom including the sink, tub, and walls
  • Eliminate hair from drains in the bathrooms
  • Ensure your toilet is in proper working order
  • Tighten loose fixtures
  • Check the working condition of all appliances throughout your apartment
  • Empty your refrigerator and thoroughly clean the space with bleach and other kitchen products
  • Manually clean the interior of your dishwasher, microwave, and oven

Using this checklist, increase your chances of receiving your security deposit back without running into any potential issues. The more prepared you are once you begin the packing and moving process, the less likely you are to miss out on the opportunity to gain additional funds which often come in handy while relocating to a new apartment or home.

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